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Lorri Brune
Executive Director

I am thrilled to join Girls on the Run because it is totally focused on empowering young women. My passion is physical fitness and emotional well-being. As Executive Director, I believe I can help to bring these things to the girls that are involved in our program. It is an honor to be a part of Girls on the Run.

Board of Directors

Angie Smitherman

I am thrilled to be a part of the Girls on The Run family. I feel it is very important for young ladies to learn the value of self-worth so they can grow to become joyful, healthy, and confident women which is the heart of our mission.

Andrea Fonseca

I joined Girls on the Run to help make sure every girl knows they can do anything they put their minds to. It has been inspiring and uplifting to watch young girls uncover and unleash their potential and achieve goals they didn't even know they had.

Sarah Fowler
Vice President

Having been a runner throughout high school and college, I have seen first-hand the lessons that can be taught through running. I have learned to be confident, persistent, courageous, and joyful. As a Board Member and Coach for Girls on the Run of Central Indiana, I have the opportunity to bring these experiences to the girls in our own communities. There is nothing more profound than celebrating the end-of-season 5k with the girls that have gone through our program. Girls need a safe space to explore themselves and their ideas while learning that they too can be joyful, healthy, and confident young women. I am excited to see Girls on the Run of Central Indiana continue to grow and provide invaluable experiences for the girls we serve.

Lauren Littlefield
Vice President

As a former college athlete and current runner, I know firsthand the benefits to a healthy, active lifestyle; however, what I love most about Girls on the Run is how our curriculum and coaches tie a healthy lifestyle into being confident and joyful. What a wonderful way to prepare young girls to be leaders, innovators, and compassionate members of our community!

Kassie Kissinger
Board Member

Girls on the Run’s mission and values resonate deeply with me on a very personal level. As an elementary school student, I was the victim of daily bullying by my classmates during recess for being overweight. I was a very self-conscience girl and did not realize the potential I had inside of me. I only wish that a program like GOTR could have existed at my school in New Orleans, La. For some time now, I have wanted to help children, specifically young girls, just like me in some capacity through volunteering or even starting my own non-profit organization for children battling similar issues, but have not found a good fit for me until now. Through my professional experience and personal values alignment with GOTR, it is my hope that I can help young girls see their own true self-worth and potential through a joyful, confident life.

Traci Yohler
Board Member

I have been involved with GOTR of Central Indiana (formerly Hamilton County) since it's inception and have recently joined the Board. In addition to my Board responsibilities, I am on the 5K Committee. When first introduced to GOTR, I saw it as an opportunity to share my passions for running and philanthropic work. Little did I know how much I would learn from the girls! If I can help empower just one young girl it will be well worth the journey.

David Spencer
Board Member

At its core Girls on the Run inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident with the hope of unleashing their limitless potential. I understand the importance of this as a father raising a young daughter in today’s world. I joined Girls on the Run to help bring these critical values to girls in our community who otherwise might not have exposure to them.